Alphabet's Waymo self-driving car

Waymo Self Driving Car Needs Less Human Interaction Now

Technologically is changing rapidly and advance model luxury cars are being launched by branded car companies which are operating in the world. Car producers think everything in a different manner and come out with gorgeous models. One such luxury car model that is becoming extremely famous is Waymo self-driving car which was previously called as Google self-driving car project. This car can run on the roads millions of miles without drivers and reach the destination within the stipulated time.

According to a letter written to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, Waymo informed it has faced 0.2 disengagements every 1,000 miles driven in its autonomous cars in last year, lower than 0.8 disengagements every 1,000 miles in 2015.

The letter included that Waymo had traveled 635,868 miles on public roads of California in last year and experienced only 124 disengagements. In 2015, the self-driving cars traveled 424,331 miles and experienced 342 disengagements.

These types of self-driven cars will bear a different license plate which will have red background. This car was test run in the states of Nevada and California in the country of the USA after passing the legislation. Car manufacturers are planning to launch these types of cars after 2020, after the legislation is passed to that effect. But it will be a time-consuming exercise since there will be tons of legal hurdles. Traffic police authorities, government and other highway authorities are unable to come to the conclusion whether this is a viable option. They are worried about the safety and security of such cars since they travel without drivers.

Government is studying the viability of such hybrid self-driven cars

Even though self-driven autonomous cars have certain disadvantages they are becoming the best alternatives for the transportation. Several branded companies are already in the process of manufacturing hybrid self-driven cars and planning to test them. Visitors will get complete update of Waymo cars here. These types of cars have faced only minor disengagements due to software and hardware errors and will surely become best alternatives in the future.

Fiat Chrysler stated it had partnered with Waymo last year. Waymo took delivery of 100 Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans last year. The cars are being tested on roads in California and Arizona.

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