What Is the Difference in Florida Between a Car Collision with a Taxi/Uber Driver versus a Personal Driver?

by SpeedLux
Martin County, Florida

There is always a risk of crashing whenever you are driving. The longer you spend behind the wheel, the greater the likelihood you will be involved in a collision. Unsurprisingly, taxi drivers are more likely to be involved in a collision because their job demands them to drive for a long time, especially in the early morning hours when they might be sleep deprived. It’s essential to recognize that crashes involving ordinary cars and taxi incidents differ significantly.

What’s the Distinction Between a Taxi and A Regular Vehicle Collision?

In a regular vehicle crash, the at-fault driver might only have a basic insurance cover, which would significantly limit the amount of money an injured party could receive in damages. However, Uber is a multi-billion-dollar corporation with significant assets; thus, Florida‘s law governing such services requires all drivers to always carry $1 million in liability insurance. Furthermore, the drivers must keep at least $50,000 in insurance for every personal car they use to offer ridesharing services, even while they’re off duty. Since Uber’s insurance policy is more generous than the average auto insurance policy, those injured in a crash can collect more money to cover their medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses. Therefore, if you have been involved in an Uber accident in Boca Raton, FL, you should call an attorney immediately. This is because insurance companies take all reasonable steps to reduce the monetary compensation amount they have to pay out to victims. Thus, a lawyer can assist you in determining if the rideshare company and its driver had separate insurance policies in force at the time of the collision.

In addition, insurance coverage extension will depend on many factors, including whether the driver was working, off duty, picking up a customer, or transporting a customer. At varying phases of the service, separate insurance policies cover an Uber collision. A driver’s auto insurance will cover a crash that occurs when he or she isn’t on duty. For incidents that occur while the service is active and the driver is actively looking for customers, Uber’s insurance policy will pay up to $100,000 in damages and up to $50,000 in medical expenses for personal injuries. The “million-dollar insurance coverage” insures any incidents that may occur from the minute a driver accepts a ride request until the moment a customer alights at their destination. That implies that Uber’s coverage can pay out up to $1,000,000 in personal injury if the crash happens while driving your car, as a pedestrian, or riding a bicycle.

Although if you can’t sue the rideshare company directly, the company’s insurance should still pay for any injuries or damage caused by a crash that its driver is responsible for. Even when a driver is not at fault, the company’s insurance might pay for your medical expenses if you get injuries as a passenger.


In conclusion, most of the time, Uber will be directly liable for a collision, but there are instances where the company’s insurance will pay for the costs associated with the accident.

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