Self-driving car expansion in Pittsburgh means $200,000 pay packages for robotics graduates

Pittsburgh road

There’s a war for skill in Pittsburgh’s flourishing autonomous automobile market. It began with Uber and now consists Argo AI, which is majorly owned by Ford, and a start-up called Aurora Innovation. With a lot hiring, it’s a good time to be at the city’s valued academic institution, Carnegie Mellon University. Andrew Moore, the dean […]

Uber’s self-driving unit Otto quietly purchased company that may affect Alphabet lawsuit

uber self driving

A company now owned by Uber since 2016 quietly purchased a small company focusing on sensor innovation utilized in autonomous automobiles, giving the ride hailing company a patent in the technology and potentially a defense against a trade secrets theft lawsuit submitting against it by competing Alphabet Inc. The CEO of obscure Tyto Lidar LLC […]

Michigan’s new law allows self-driving cars on roads without human drivers

state of Michigan

Firms can now test self-driving vehicles on Michigan public roads without a motorist or steering wheel under latest laws that could push the state to the leading edge of autonomous automobile development. The package of expenses signed into law Friday features few specific state regulations and leaves lots of decisions to automakers and companies such […]

BMW aims to become ‘coolest’ ride-hailing company with autonomous car

ReachNow car sharing of BMW

BMW will test self-driving automobiles in Munich next year as it looks to stay up to date with ride-hailing companies like Uber, which have invested billions on pay-per-use personal transport. The German automaker will have around 40 automobiles with self-driving functions in Munich’s inner city then broaden the project to other cities, BMW executives stated […]

Cloud-based connected car startup Otonomo saves $12 million

Otonomo logo

Self-driving cars and truck start-up Otonomo has closed a $12 million series A round, headed by Bessemer Endeavor Partners and Stageone Ventures, with involvement from Maniv Mobility and LocalGlobe. Established from Tel Aviv in last year, Otonomo’s cloud-based platform links service provider and app designers with millions of connected automobiles. For instance, automobile producers might […]

Toyota concerned about California self-driving oversight

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A Toyota Motor Corp official on Tuesday raised issues about California’s plans to require compliance with a prepared U.S. self-driving automobile safety check list, calling it “preposterous.”. Hilary Cain, director of innovation and innovation policy at Toyota Motor North America, criticized California’s proposition to require automakers to submit the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s […]