Why Your Dream Car May Be Closer To A Reality Than You Think

by SpeedLux

Passionate drivers often have a car brand or model in mind for years that they’d love to upgrade to. But at the same time, they’ll wonder if they’re in the right financial situation to shirk their 1999 Peugeot for a Lambo. People’s dream cars are often top of the range expensive models. After all, that’s why they’re only a dream.

But while top-end brands like Lamborghini and Porsche are still mostly for the wealthy, if you set the bar a bit lower your dream is probably achievable. Many people dream of owning a model by one of the top luxury brands, such as a Mercedes or BMW sports car. While these used to be harder to buy for the average consumer, in today’s market anyone can drive one! Here are some of the reasons you might be able to get your dream car.


There Are More Used Cars Than Ever


As time goes on, more people get new cars. Naturally, this means more will be available in used dealerships. In fact, used car sales hit an all-time high in 2016. It’s not just old bangers that get left at used car dealerships. A lot of rich people like to upgrade as their salary grows. You might find a great sports car at a surprisingly low price.

You’ll be able to get a high-class luxury car for much cheaper than you’d expect if you buy used. The drawback of this is it may not be the smartest investment. Sports cars, in particular, depreciate faster. If you plan to resell later on down the line, you may not get a good return.

Nonetheless, if you’re going to be using it for the long-haul, this is one way to own the car of your dreams.


Leasing Is An Option For Anyone


The thought of committing to a car that will take ten years before you pay it off in full can crush anyone’s dreams. After all, by the time you’d paid it off you might not want it anymore. Fortunately, you don’t have to make this kind of commitment when you lease.

If you lease a car, you pay monthly to use it until your deal is up. Leasing is often the most cost-efficient ways to get the car of your dreams. You can often find affordable deals for leasing high-quality cars. For instance, various companies offer Mercedes lease deals.

Once your lease is up, you can choose to pay off the car to own it or get an upgrade. Additionally, your dealership will usually handle repairs for you. This makes it the best option for getting an expensive car.


Financing Plans


As well as lease deals, most luxury dealerships offer financing plans to make it easy to pay off a car. While leasing may be a preferable option, people might want to commit to paying off a car in full to own it at the end of the road. Plans are usually flexible and suited to the particular customer.

Another way people get their hands on expensive cars is through company deals. Some businesses have deals with car sellers for employees to get new cars for cheap. While you might get lucky with your job benefits, this isn’t the most viable option.

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