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Anthony Foxx: automakers will back self-driving car oversight

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx informed that he anticipates car manufacturers and tech companies will comply with voluntary guidelines his department released last month for autonomous automobiles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a firm of Foxx’s department, has actually called on automakers to willingly submit information of self-driving systems to regulators in a 15 point “safety assessment” and advised states to delay to the federal government on most automobile policies.

Some advocacy groups have actually gotten in touch with Foxx’s department to take tougher action to manage autonomous car development, enacting binding guidelines. “I strongly think we’ll get excellent compliance from the automobile industry,” Foxx told Reuters in an interview at the department’s Washington head office recently.

Foxx told that establishing voluntary guidelines now provides regulators a structure for when automakers or technology companies begin pushing to obtain self-driving vehicles on the road.

One goal, Foxx stated, was to be less authoritative than regulators normally are and provide companies more flexibility in dealing with the 15 locations. Car manufacturers and others have two months to talk about the standards before they work.

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