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Norwood Park, Chicago

Woman dead after car struck by Metra train in Norwood Park

A woman passed away after the automobile she was driving was struck by a Metra train in the Norwood Park neighborhood, official stated.

The 25-year-old female remained in the 5700 block of North Nagle Avenue when the vehicle was struck about 4:40 p.m., according to the Chicago Fire Department’s Twitter account. Nobody else remained in the car and nobody on the train was hurt.

According to Metra, the train associated in the incident was Union Pacific Northwest Line No. 650, due in to Chicago at 4:59 p.m. The train was stopped near the Jefferson Park station due to the accident.

Trains in these two directions on UP/Northwest Line were stopped in the location. The CTA will permit guests to show Metra cards to use the Blue Line while service on the UP/Northwest Line is down, and another train will accommodate travelers who were on the train that struck the car, stated Sylvia Cooper, a Metra spokesperson.

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