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woman and inmate spotted having sex, with 2 kids in rear seat

Woman and inmate alleged of having sex in car with kids in rear seat

A prisoner on a work-release program was reclaimed to a Pennsylvania jail after he was captured having sex with a lady inside a vehicle with 2 kids in the rear seats, state police stated.

Torrey Lee Rudisill, 28, of Gettysburg, and Taylor Leigh Skursky, 26, of Sykesville, Maryland, were found by a passerby having sex inside a black Honda Accord at around 12:30 p.m. Sunday near a theater in the parking area of The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg.

Both Rudisill and Skursky were accused of disorderly conduct and Rudisill– who was expected to be on a work-release program at the time– was reclaimed to Adams County Jail, as per a Pennsylvania State Police report. Rudisill was serving time for a resisting arrest conviction, authorities stated.

Authorities from the state Bureau of Child and Family Services, were contacted to the scene to examnine the kids, as per state police, who referred extra queries to the social service agency.

The state police report did not define the relationship in between Rudisill and Skursky, nor their connection to the two kids discovered in the rear seat of the automobile. The ages of the kids were not specified.

Rachel Kostelac, a spokesperson for the Department of Human Services, stated she was not able to give an update on the kids, including their physical condition and place, because of privacy laws.

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