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broughton st, savannah, Georgia

Woman tries to hit man with car, endangers pedestrians in Savannah

A woman is dealing with the charges after witnesses say she tried to hit her boyfriend with her car, in Broughton and Whitaker streets, Savannah, Georgia on Thursday afternoon.

This was confirmed by a witness named Stephanie Vazquez who works on Broughton Street.

People on Broughton Street were left in shock after they say a woman attempted to hit her boyfriend with her car.

The footage shows the driver follows a man up and down Broughton Street. Once he turns the corner onto Whitaker Street, which is a one-way street, she then drives her vehicle onto the sidewalk to catch up to him.

Police say this all started in Yamacraw Village. They say after the man left the area, the woman started driving looking for him and attempted to harm him.

No one was injured. Savannah Police arrested the driver and she is dealing with charges and traffic citations.

Witnesses say they’re happy with the way this incident dealt with and are thankful for the quick police response.

Savannah Police are yet to release more details about the incident.

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2 thoughts on “Woman tries to hit man with car, endangers pedestrians in Savannah

  1. That’s crazy 😳 there is always something going in that project area they need to have more patrol on site so this does not get out of hand into the public

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