011 Bentley Continental GTC & GTC Speed 80-11 Edition: Here are the official details and specs along with pictures

by Alex

It has been designed keeping the mind the North American market exclusively. It has also been kept to a few limited editions. It is the Continental GTC and the GTC Speed 80-11 models by Bentley which they unveiled at the 60th Annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Interestingly Bentley has included the figures of 80 and 11 in its model marker to indicate the exclusivity of the cars. The number 80 denotes the total number of units that Bentley contemplates to make in the year 2011. These exclusive models would be coming with a 20 inch, 24 spoke alloy diamond wheel. The black center caps would be polished in a black color that will be unique and have the Bentleys ‘B’ logo on them. The GTC speed model on the other hand would have the Supersports’ 20-inch wheels painted with a dark tint and has brake calipers of red color underneath.

The colors in which the cars have been made up in are many and varied with each one of them much more dazzling than the other. The most impressive ones though are the multicolored “Midnight” labeled models which are truly unique in their color concept.  Dark Grey Metallic soft top and a Mulliner fuel filler cap come as standard fit for the 80-11 GTC and GTC convertible models. The interiors of these models would be unique and be offered with the option of having the main leather hide in Beluga with contrast stitching, piping and the Bentley emblem in white for the GTC while for the GTC Speed it is in Pillar Box Red.

Piano Black veneers do up the interior of both the 80-11 Editions. The engine has an aluminum dash to it which is bright in case of the GTC while for the GTC Speed it is a sportier dark finish. The foot pedals are made of drilled alloy on both vehicles. The 80-11 Edition emblem is placed on badge that is supported on the vehicles tread plates and also the badge on the console.

For engine the cars would have the twin turbo 6 liter W12 models. The engines would deliver 552 hp and 479 lb ft torque in the GTC model while for the GTC Speed the engine would deliver 600 hp and 553 lb ft of torque. With this set up the acceleration of the GTC is 4.9 seconds for going from 0 to 60 mph and for the GTC speed it is 4.5 seconds for the same pick up range. The top speeds of the GTC is 195 mph and the GTC speed is 200 mph. each being lowered by 5 mph if the top is lowered. Both cars arrive at the dealers in the fall of 2010 as model years 2011.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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