2011 Audi A5 gets a new look courtsey Project Khan

Aftermarket loving fanatics get a snazzy new gift from Project Kahn – the famed tuning firm from Britain. This firm had taken a backseat for a while and now returned with a bang with its new project.

The tuning firm had given us the Range Rover Diablo in its new form and now it is the Audi A5 that the people with Afzal Khan have worked upon with their latest styling package.

The firm with its boss has always given the public something to be cherished and the Audi A5 work is further proof of this motto of the company. The kit per say is a subtle one and not something gaudy, yet the final look that it portrays is something artistic.

The new body kit gives the slight flavor of something aggressive and the A5 does get something of a menacing look. There is also a luxurious flavor that has been bestowed to the interior of the car. All in all, it can be summed up as one more fine piece of work by the people at Project Kahn.

Source: topspeed

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