2011 Gemballa Mistrale

After Uwe Gemballa passed away the Gambella tuning firm has been going the extra bit to resurrect the company and reinstate it to its original fame. In the process they have come up with two new packages which have been ranked as the top of the 2011 Marques Monaco packages. One of them is the Tornado which is based on the Cayenne and the other is the Panamera based 2011 Mistrale package. The packages give an impressive look to the finished product and uses cutting edge technology while its only the finest of materials that has gone into the making of all the components.

Two stages of engine update are what the package offers for the Mistrale. The twin turbo V8 engine in the first stage gets tuned to deliver 610 hp with a peak torque of 626 lb ft. while in stage two the upgrade increase the power to 700 hp and 737 hp. The technology behind this boost is the use of larger turbochargers, a modified intake system, high efficiency intercoolers, sports exhaust, free-flow catalytic converters and bespoke ECU remapping.

Anderas Schwarz, the CEO of GEMBALLA GmbH said, “We have significantly reduced weight, but without compromising strength, safety or comfort. Rather than cutting into the steel panels and bonding on new parts, as is common in the aftermarket industry, we completely replace entire panels with bespoke carbon-fiber ones that use the original mounting points.” Further adding, “These new panels, which include the bonnet, front wings, doors, front and rear bumper/ valance, save a total of 70kg.”

Source: topspeed

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