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Nissan Altima

5 Most Common Repairs for Nissan Altimas

Nissan Altimas are generally great cars. Since their first release in 1992, Altimas have been consistent in providing sporty handling and stylish looks while remaining affordable. While Altimas tend to be reliable, they sometimes have problems, just like any other car. Here are some common repairs for Nissan Altimas.

1. Power Steering Noises

The newest generation of Altimas, which first came onto the scene in 2013, are prone to power steering noises, often described as whines or squeals. Excessive noise may occur due to the power steering lines coming into contact with air conditioning lines. Repositioning these lines may reduce the noise. Another option is to replace the power steering bracket with one that has better insulation.

2. Check Engine Light

It’s frustrating to see the check engine light pop up on your Altima, especially when you’re unsure of the underlying issue. Check engine lines are common and persistent, especially if your Altima is climbing up in miles. Thankfully, you can get an affordable car code reader to diagnose the problem.

3. Transmission Shuddering and Jerking

Nissan Altimas have continuously variable transmissions (CVT), which can have a host of problems. Drivers often complain about shuddering and jerking while speeding up. Delayed throttle response is also common.

4. Transmission Failure

Some models go beyond faulty transmissions. Certain Altimas are prone to complete transmission failure. This is often because of overheating transmission fluid and belt slip damage.

5. Engine Starting Problems

Many Altima models have issues that cause the engine to not start. In 2009 and 2010 models, this may be because of the electronic steering column lock. But 2011 and 2012 models may also have problematic ignition switch software that can prevent the engine from starting properly.
It can be frustrating to encounter problems with your Nissan Altima, but you can identify and resolve many problems on your own. You can earn points on auto parts at the same time so you can save money on DIY repairs.

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