90 Years of Maybach- Part 1

Was only modest, the Berlin premiere exhibition for the first Maybach models 90 years ago. The luxury vehicles were closely lined up under a simple nameplate, which had to suffice. Here, the Maybach brand should stand from the beginning, but for cars with a technical finesse and exclusivity, as she had not seen the world.

That is what the company’s founder and ingenious engineer Karl Maybach hired clear from the beginning. When he was the Chairman of the Association of the German motor vehicle industry in 1921, sarcastically asked if he would get the cheapest car of the upcoming Berlin salons, Maybach answered confidently and proudly: “No, the most expensive”.

King of Designers:

So tied to Karl Maybach to the career of his father, Wilhelm Maybach. This brought together in 1886 with Gottlieb Daimler patents the world’s first four-wheeled automobile trip in 1901 and built the forefather of all Mercedes.

Compared to the businessman Emil Jellinek, who had initiated the first modern automobile history and named after his daughter, said Wilhelm Maybach with confidence: “I and the inventor of the Mercedes car are.” Wilhelm Maybach was confirmed this assessment when he was France with the title “King of constructeurs” – ennobled – king of design.

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