September 24, 2020

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    According to the study re-Us, which will be on show in Detroit, wants the Swiss businessman Frank M. Rinderknecht at the Geneva Motor Show in March to present his vision of a smart pick-ups.

    The Dock & Go-called modular mobility system is based on a smart and a trailer with its own axis, but without the pole. The rolling backpack, depending on need, not only accommodate extra luggage, but also extra batteries – an interesting way to solve the range problem with electric vehicles. The “Energy Pack” but could also be packed with an internal combustion engine or a fuel cell range extender.

    Then drives the third axis is docked with the second and charges the battery of the smart board. Rinnspeed calls this version “? Vario-hybrid”, which is used in the garage when not in use as an energy buffer. But special structures, for example, pizza messengers, artisans or courier are possible.

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