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Car without circuit:

Wilhelm’s son Karl in turn would set up 20 years later with his Maybach models of automobile top class, the ultimate crown since 1919 after first test cars and engines were developed. The car, which surprised the company Maybach-1921 at the Berlin Motor Show, was the type W 3 (three cars).

Is the first German production car in the west about three four-wheel brakes with brake balance. But above all he was advertised as “Maybach car without switching.” This was made possible the torque strength of the 5.7-liter six-cylinder in combination with a planetary gear allegedly lured with so-called exchange coupling.

Perfection and precision:

In fact, the Maybach brand of double M (for Maybach engines) quickly became synonymous with perfection and precision, but especially for confident prices. Legendary cars were the exclusive representation, who were in direct competition with the Stuttgart State Limousine “Grand Mercedes 770 model”: up to 5.50 meters long Maybach Zeppelin 12/DS 7/DS 8 with the first mass-produced V-twelve-cylinder engine for passenger cars in the middle the Great Depression Karl Maybach launched in 1929 to 1931 this engine family with impressive time parameters from 6.9 to 7.9 liters and 200 horsepower.

The structural basis for the power plant laid Maybach airship engines from the Zeppelinbau. There are dedicated Wilhelm and Karl Maybach since 1909 with its aircraft-engine company, which cooperated with the airship company of Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin.

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