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All new Lotus – due for Geneva 2012

The British company Lotus used to be owned by the Proton Group from Malaysia. As it was bought by the DRB-Hicom, questions about Lotus’ development were on everyone’s lips. Nevertheless, Lotus announced that their plans for the next five years would remain the same. These plans include the testing of prototypes like the Espirit, and other concepts that are powered by engines to be used in production cars in the future. Until then, they announced a new car for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

They barely released any information on the configuration, specifications, performance fuel consumption, etc. of this vehicle – all they said was that it would be something “breezy and loud”, because the roof will be dropped – so we got a Cabrio from Lotus on our hands.

As it’s accustomed that Lotus builds good vehicles, we expect this revolutionary idea to be just as good. We don’t know if it’s going to be released for purchase this year, or if it’s going to go into production altogether. All we know is that Lotus wanted to draw some attention at the event in Switzerland.

All of the other details will probably be unveiled starting March 8th, when the Geneva event begins.

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