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Arcspeed Roadster: Australia’s Electric Supercar

Australia is deffinitely trying to impress Tesla’s fans with this new acquisition they brought for us. The Arcspeed Roadster is a convertible sports car which relies on electric propulsion.

The Arcspeed’s story is quite impressive, being built from scratch in the Hornsby Sidney Suburb, by Ian Denner, who used to build Cobra and Ferrari GTO replicas for a living.

The vehicle is powered by a 385 lb-ft electric motor placed at the rear end, and which, in turn, takes its power from a lithium-ion phosphate battery pack mounted below the floor of the car. This combination manages to send the car past the 60 mph (96 km/h) mark in under 3.8 seconds.

The body and the running gear come from Honda Integra Type R, and were designed back in 2006 , but due to some supply issues the model wasn’t able to enter even a limited production.

The Arcspeed is expected to hit the market in more than a year, and the price will be somewhere under $100,000.
And so we wait, but until the entering the market, we sure know that more information about this car will soon be available, so stay tuned, we’re on it!

Source: AutoEvolution

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