2013 Ford Mustang: First Sneek Peek

The 2013 Mustang will be officially unveiled on Tuesday, November 15, which is just a day before the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show, but until then, they choose to tease us a little more, with a preview of the car,especially for fans.

Four photos of the 2013 Fod Mustang have been posted on the official Ford Mustang Facebook page, but appearently this isn’t everything!
Some kind of contest, or more like a bribe has started online, since Ford wants Facebook users to share a Mustang badge on their walls, and for every 5,000 fans who do they will reveal one of the images.

The first of the four images was revealed earlier today, giving us the revised grille of the 2013 Mustang. But as expected, the image does not reveal too much, even though it’s not that difficult to imagine what the entire car will look like when comparing it to the recent batch of spy shots.

Until the official release of the 2013 Mustang, we are keeping an eye on the unveiling of each photo on the automaker’s Facebook page, but more important and useful than this is staying tuned for the actual unveiling of the car, on the 15th of November.

Source: MustangsDaily

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  1. Well seeing as how all we can see is the driver side grill from what I can see immediately is the front bumper now wraps around the grill, if you look at the 2011 Mustang GT photos you can see that the front bumper does not wrap around the grill.

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