Are You Looking to Work on Self-Driving Cars? Here are some ideas for you

Uber test self driving

When you have got the best tech skills and you are also much interested in the purpose of self-driving cars, there is a great chance that you’ll also wind up while working in Bay Area.

Where does jobs in an automotive field are once tied exclusively to Detroit, mushrooming significance of the software to the mobility has also seen various kind of the employment opportunities that has ability to migrate west as established automakers like the Ford Motor and Mercedes-Benz boost their high ranks in the Silicon Valley.

This shift is also usually borne out through the data offered to press by Paysa, the site which uses the machine that is learning to offer the salary information as well as the insights of career success for both the business and for the job seekers.

Over the previous six months, lots of companies trying to find self-driving car talent posted over 350 job listings, with 230 of those jobs based in Mountain View or Palo Alto. A lot of positions fell under the broad heading of software engineer, though some were as particular as vehicle characteristics modeling engineer and reality capture processor.

Google is based in Mountain View and has one of the oldest self-driving programs, topped the list with 52 jobs posts, followed by HERE (a Chicago-based self-driving car mapping business with offices in Berkeley, California) with 36 jobs, and Robert Bosch (the German company’s U.S. head office is in Palo Alto) having 31.

Uber, which has been making a substantial push on the self-driving vehicle front, listed 9 jobs over the previous six months.

An unexpected 4th with 24 task postings was lesser-known Zoox, a Silicon Valley startup that wishes to rival Tesla. In June, Zoox raised $200 million in Series A financing at an assessment of $1 billion.

“This migration from Detroit simply shows how what matters most these days is exactly what’s inside the vehicle,” says Chris Bolte, CEO of Paysa. “I wasn’t that shocked by this data. But exactly what did amaze me was finding companies in the mix that I would not have actually expected.”

In addition to HERE and Zoox appearing in the blend with Google, Ford Motor (23 posts), General Motors (22) and Tesla (19), there are smaller sized self-driving vehicle start-ups such as autonomous tech aftermarket business (6 jobs) and self-driving Olli bus builder Local Motors (4).

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