Self-driving car, lorry crashed at Biopolis Drive

The car which is self-driving and the lorry crashed on last morning, is much believed to be first kind of the accident in the city of Singapore that includes the autonomous vehicle.

Certainly, no one is injured while the car was knocked in the lorry at the time of changing the lanes at Biopolis Drive for the one-north near to 9.30am.

On the other hand this car also belonged to the nuTonomy, for the purpose of the start-up software company that also was conducting the trials of their vehicles that are self-driving in one-north and the business district.

Meanwhile, it was on the test drive, that had 2 engineers for the board and also one of these are behind the wheel like the safety driver, said nuTonomy. It also added which is yet investigating about safety driver that took the control of car during the time when the car crashes.

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