Russian car parks itself after driver is ejected during accident

Russia car parks after driver ejected during accident

Automakers, which specialize in self-driving vehicles, would like to discover a thing or two from this car.

In this remarkable video footage, recorded by Russian traffic cameras in Sochi, in the city of Krasnodar, a vehicle is seen parking perfectly in a space on its own after ejecting its motorist from his seat.

The video starts with the vehicle attempting to cross a double carriageway but is struck by another automobile.

The effect of the auto accident forces open the driver’s door, ejecting the man, before it loops round and parks correctly in a car parking space on the other side of the road.

After the crash, a number of car drivers rush out of their automobiles to assist the injured man.

Thankfully he appears to have endured the incident and is helped off the roadway.

Another driver likewise helpfully gets the injured guy’s keys from his parked car and dashes throughout the hectic road to give them back.

The amazing video was recorded this week and posted on the internet.

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