Aston Martin Rapide promo films released

Aston Martin has joined the band wagon of automobile manufacturers using the digital movie medium for promoting their products. For the first time they are going to release some promotional videos. The car model that would be shown in these videos is the Rapide which is a four door coupe. The film is based on the theme that a mysterious person has employed some agents to deliver a precious package without opening it. The film is all about following the movement of these agents and has been shot in Lisbon, Portugal.

The first part of the video has been released and available while the second and third would be released soon.

Donnie Masters, the Film Director from Serious Pictures has this to say of the new video: “We wanted to deliver a subtle but clever piece of branded entertainment. Something that mirrors the thrill of the drive. Intelligent, dramatic yet very exciting. It’s an action-packed Aston Martin story in three parts, designed to entertain our audience. We’re not hard selling, we’re showcasing. After all it is the thinking man’s (and woman’s) performance car.”

Source: carscoop

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