A Chrysler Sebring clad in typical Bentley looks

Now we’ve got to admit something. The first generation of the Chrysler Sebring was a wonderful set of wheels. You could have even called it the Mustang Lite if you’d like it that way because it was quite similarly styled. However, there is this general perception that the first generation is still better than the latest version that America has produced, the third generation Sebring, which has been the center of discussion for many car lovers all around the world. By this time you must have been accustomed to the fact how much we love to take a look at more than over 15 year old cars on display at the e-Bay web site.

What was recently found on the e-Bay site was totally mesmerizing and adorable as well. A very convincing replica of the 2009 Bentley Continental GT convertible or GTC based on the ’96 Chrysler Sebring Convertible model is what caught our eyes. The car has only run about 175,000 miles according to the seller. But the car is so well renovated with Saudi Arabian sheik white taking the shape of a ghetto along with the typical blinger rims looking very unlike the Bentley that any layman with a love for cars would love to get his hands on this one. The car has got a full fiber glass body as well.

Before you bid for the car some things we would like you to know. The seller has stated that he or she will be rejuvenating the car with a set of new door mirrors, a brand new windscreen, a brand new carpet along with a custom made dual exhaust with the all important genuine Bentley tips. As far as we have heard from the seller, anyone interested in buying the car will have to perform some tasks on his own. The buyer will have to install a Bentley dash, reupholster the seats, attach a brand new convertible top with a center console, equip a new sound system and get a brand new sat navigation system. Well that does it all and Eureka!! You have a Bentley in your garage (don’t mind the word replica though).

Now let’s come to the price of the car. The seller has stated that he will charge US$21,100 (€16,302) for the car. Now even though you are having to shell out this much money what you are getting in return is quite mesmerizing. Now you have two options. One, you can go for a ’96 Sebring model from Chrysler which would cost you less but would not create that enigma for you that this one may do. Two, you can buy a second hand Bentley but that would certainly cost you a lot more than this. So which one would you opt for? Let us know and we’ll justify your decision.

Source: carscoop

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