Bugatti in the process of developing an even faster Veyron with top speed of 270mph

Very recently a buzz has been doing the rounds in the automobile world that Bugatti may be in the process of eliminating their world record holding super car to make way for their brand new luxury sedan. But very often rumors are just rumors. Now with shocking rumors come soothing ones too, which appear much more believable to us. Just when we were disappointed by the thought that we might not see the Bugatti wonder model on the roads any more, another rumor has started doing the rounds in the auto world. Bugatti is supposedly pushing back the plans for the luxury sedan and is stepping it up with a 270 mph Veyron on the cards.

The British magazine, Auto Express stated that the Veyron SuperSport is certainly not finished. Bugatti has still got faith on the car with 600 units being sold out from the last lot. That’s a lot to expect being the world’s fastest street car. But Bugatti is trying to bring about a revolution by producing a brand new version of the super car based on the original design proposal for the Bugatti Veyron created by Walter de’Silva in the year 1999. You wouldn’t underestimate a man of that caliber to design something that long ago. It’s no surprise that the man has climbed the ladders gradually and has finally made it to the top of the Volkswagen Group Design. Though the proposed project from Walter was never revealed by the Bugatti makers, it may see a comeback with the brand new Veyron on the cards.

Now let’s come to the fact on what to expect from this ‘new’ Veyron. This brand new model is all set to have a ‘floating’ roof that is capable of curving around to take the shape of side air intakes, a set of blacked-out A-pillars along with one-piece rear light assemblies. The future super model of the car is bound to be based on the quad-turbo 8.0 liter W16 engine paired with a seven speed twin clutch gearbox. But the power production of the car will change drastically this time as expected. The setup of Veyron will undergo modifications and the future model will be cropping up a speed of 60mph (equivalent to 96.56 km/h) from rest in just a mere matter of 2.5 seconds. You just manage to blink and the car is gone, vanished into thin air. The top speed of the car is stated at an amazing 270 mph which is equivalent to 434 km/h. Well if you love the dimension called speed then this is what you are going to absolutely relish.

Source: topspeed

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