2015 Ford GT

The Ford GT has been acknowledged as one amongst the top ranking contender in the game of motorsports. The only other competitors to this car have been the Shelby and Cobra. It was however a rushed up job that Ford undertook in its attempt to reincarnate the GT model by a super sports car. Even […]

2014 Audi RS4 Avant

All the German car company has their respective performance tuning arm and Audi is no exception to this rule. The tagging of “S” to the Audi has ushered in a meaning, especially for the Audi fans. The likes of Mercedes AMG and BMW M models pose competition to the present fresh batch of S models […]

Bugatti in the process of developing an even faster Veyron with top speed of 270mph

Very recently a buzz has been doing the rounds in the automobile world that Bugatti may be in the process of eliminating their world record holding super car to make way for their brand new luxury sedan. But very often rumors are just rumors. Now with shocking rumors come soothing ones too, which appear much […]