2014 Audi RS4 Avant

by Alex

All the German car company has their respective performance tuning arm and Audi is no exception to this rule. The tagging of “S” to the Audi has ushered in a meaning, especially for the Audi fans. The likes of Mercedes AMG and BMW M models pose competition to the present fresh batch of S models of Audi. For the span of the last 5 years, the automotive industry, especially this high end sector has been a witness to a never ending horsepower and performance tiff. The original Audi RS6 catalyzed the process of addition of a Kompressor for the Mercedes 5.4 liter power plant and for the assimilation of a 500 HP V10 into M5 by the BMW.

When the war among the mid sized sports sedan was starting to die down, the entry level coupes attracted more limelight towards themselves. The rumors of Mercedes incorporating a C63 Black Series model to its lineup that hovered all over instigated the accelerating of the production works of Audi’s upcoming RS4. The original sedan was a muscle car adorned in a tight suit and could produce 414 HP from a 4.2 liter V8 engine that was placed in the small engine compartment. A tightened suspension, the bigger sized brakes along with the six-speed manual gearbox all blended into one to give the car the armor to shun competition. Not surprisingly, it went on to scale new new heights of glory and fame.

In the recent past, it was found that Audi has been testing a mule version of the RS4 Avant. Before excitement take the better of us, let us stay calm to remember some trivia about Audi that might interest us all the more. For starters, Audi loves testing their ultra high performance sedans in the Avant wagon form before the actual expansion to the more traditional models. The past stands as a testimony to the fact that Audi has tested and made models in RS4 Avant form and never launched any of those four wheelers in the streets of the United States. After having said that, the next RS4 generation should be raging the roads within the next several years. Audi has passed the confirmation that Rs5 will be hitting the markets of the United States and when that phenomenon happens, the ushering of RS4 into the limelight is also not a distant reality.

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