2014 Pagani Huayra Roadster

It was not too long ago that Horacio Pagani had confirmed the existence of their latest Huayra supercar. The confirmation assured that the roadster version of the concept would soon be seen within a span of three years. Many lucky souls who had the chance to catch the glimpse of the car from miles away were not surprised by the news. The potential look of the sedan was like a dream. Its only applicable to people who are not impatient and whose curiosity does not drive them to catch a sneak peek at the design of the wonder car.

So, Pagani decided on slicing and dicing the roof off of their Huayra supercar and as a result get the gull wing doors to elimination. Little else will see any change at all. The same carbon-titanium chassis is to be expected, the similar 700 HP twin turbocharged engines are to be found, the all so familiar X-trac seven-speed sequential transmission is to be come across and all other goodies that make Huayra special are to be met with. One can also expect slower performance time, all kudos to the addition of extra weight contributed by the convertible roof, not that one would take a note of the difference as the wind barrels through one’s hair at high speeds

Source: topspeed

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