2012 Nissan GT-R VVIP for the for ‘Very, Very Important Person’

Whether your senses is able to absorb the phenomenon or not, but this is not the outcome of some crazy experiment carried out by some lunatic. Instead, this happens to be a stock vehicle from Nissan. Rightly read, Nissan has come up with a special version of GTR that just shouts “Made for the Middle East,” and this is exactly the spot where the new sedan will soon be raging the roads.

Nissan Middle East took it as a challenge upon them to come up with the creation of this amazing Nissan GTR VVIP. This is because they had the feeling that the 2012 GTR somewhat is in need of some specialization. The 2010 GTR will be distinct from the other sedans in its gorgeous black carbon fiber rear spoiler and 24 karat gold plated side panels, grill and all exclusive VVIP badges. As far as the inside is concerned, the 2012 VVIP version of the GTR sports hand crafted leather interiors by top notch craftsmen at Seton Company Inc. MUelheim an der Ruhr in Germany. The seats flaunts an exclusive quilted design combined with a reticular pattern.

Tagged at a price of $220,000, it can well be assumed with a fair degree of surety that the “VVIP” stands as an acronym for “Very Very Important Person.”

Source: topspeed

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