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2012 De Macross GT1: Canada’s first supercar

The newest and the only super car from Canada is heading fast towards its production line. It is an attempt to disturb the calm of minds of the big three and smaller sports car manufacturers present in North America and abroad. Jahong Hur who has founded the company has put his caliber in the designing of the newly developed super car. In the process of doing so, he proved that if someone wants something badly enough, it is always possible to realize that.

It is of no secrecy that how difficult it is to launch and market a car that is self designed. If the car is an alarming competitor to the already extreme machines ruling the planet, the dream becomes far more impossible to materialize. Some American companies have managed to do this throughout our racing history and recent past. Shelby and Saleen are the two glorious names in the category. The Shelby race cars of yesterday were so dominant that the great Enzo Ferrari was muted and was at a loss of a suitable answer. Shelby went on to design more road gorging versions of his vehicles and today they are admired by collectors. The Saleen S7 showed us that even a small shop can create the ultimate super car by the dint of sheer knowledge and money.

The incorporation of some of F’s best technology and the usage of the American V8, these Canadian masterminds proved their ability to develop and are now the producers of the GT1. Its performance is not off the charts, but it’s most likely faster than anything we’ve ever owned.

Source: topspeed

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