Australia’s Joss supercar. Teaser pics

by Alex

The Land Down Under is perhaps the most unlikeliest of places that you would generally associate with the production of a supercar. But the fact is, Australia did come up with a supercar of its own which broke cover in 2004. The supercar was a creation of Australia-based Joss which had started to work on what came to be known as the first Australian exclusive supercar, the Joss supercar. The thing that becomes apparent is that the company is devoting all of their innovative ideas on the car itself and not the car’s nomenclature.

Recently few time back this year some pictures of the prototype of the car did come out in the open but now the company has decided to satiate our desire by revealing the first ever teaser photos of the Joss supercar. This car is given its shape considering its physical aspects and not its aesthetic concepts; this super car has class leading aerodynamic qualities and superior heat dissipation features by the time the supercar is completely built and is ready to enter market, which is slated to happen by 2011 if everything goes as per the plan.

The Joss supercar will get its power boost from an all aluminum engine sourced from an European automaker This engine would be mated to a five speed manual transmission with a reverse via linkage system which will transmit the massive 500 HP the engine produces to its wheels. Well if the car runs fast the braking and the stoppage power need to be faster, which in the case of the Joss supercar comes from six piston brake calipers in the front and a four piston setup in the rear with ventilated discs all around. And even the super car was sent on diet with the body made with brags of carbon fiber which has helped it shed a lot of additional weight bringing it to weigh less than 2,200 lbs. And even with all this upon it the car runs from 0-60 mph in less than three seconds and reaches the quarter mile mark in just 11 seconds, and not to miss as the car is said to have a top speed of 186 mph.

And this Australian beauty is expected to cost you not less than $500,000 which would surely make an dent in your pocket…..

Source: topspeed

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