BMW M GmbH to unveil new diverse product range starting this autumn

Great news for lovers of the M GmbH as BMW has recently announced they would usher in greater and superior diversity for its M GmbH range of cars. The good thing is, all of it will be there to be seen and experienced by this autumn itself. And this is no dream as the confirmation comes from the sports section of BMW itself, that they will be offering a whole new range of accessories aimed at providing a touch of individualization to the cars.

Giving us a hint of the things to come in the coming months, BMW revealed that hand crafted carbon components and light weight sports silencer is there in store for the BMW M3. The company also added that the buyers will be introduced to a new heat-resistant sports silencer, which would be 40 percent lighter that the standard product, and will be made of a chromium-nickel material which has been specially designed for motor racing. The tail pipes of this new package will be made of titanium. And when this car receives it facelift the other model of BMW like the X5 M and the X6 M will also be innovated with the addition of the BMW Connected Drive Service, which lets the driver to synchronize the mobile phones as well as the music players with the onboard operation system known as the iDrive.

Also, there is a big list to follow ahead as the company plans to bring out the M sport package for the BMW 5 series by the start of 2010 and even the BMW X3 series would receive its upgrade package of the new M pack by November 2010.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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