Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

by SpeedLux
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A recent study found that over 8% of car owners in the United States procrastinate when it comes to routine maintenance. Making this mistake can put your car’s engine in a very compromised position. 

Oil changes are perhaps one of the most important car maintenance procedures on the planet. Read below to find out more about the benefits of regular oil changes at ALM Hyundai of Florence. 

Make Your Engine More Efficient

The cleanliness of your engine is directly related to how well it performs. Older oil has tons of dirt and debris in it. As these substances make their way through your engine, sludge will start to form. 

This sludge can reduce engine output and performance. Rather than dealing with these efficiency issues, you need to work on having your oil changed regularly by professionals.

Extend the Life of Your Engine

Allowing old oil to remain in your engine can also boost the amount of friction internal parts are exposed to. This friction leads to these internal engine parts wearing out at a much faster rate. 

Prolonged exposure to this friction can also cause your engine to wear out prematurely. By investing in regular oil changes, you can extend the life of your engine and keep it running efficiently for years to come. 

Better Gas Mileage

As fuel prices continue to rise, more and more car owners are looking for ways to improve their current gas mileage. If your engine is dirty and filled with debris, it will require more fuel to operate. 

This means you will have to stop for gas frequently. If you want to improve your gas mileage, investing in routine oil changes is a must. 

Now that you know about the benefits of regular oil changes at ALM Hyundai of Florence, it is time to book an appointment

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