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Bentley developing new model range

Reports from Autocar indicate that Bentley is slowly shifting away from being a car that is affordable and cheap. The company is now moving towards a car that be priced in the range of £140,000 to £230,000. Brand positioning is the main factor for Bentley to affect such a shift. The form the car to be is to take has not yet been finalised and the issue of their two existing models, that of the Continental family and Mulsanne being susceptible to demand swings may affect the decision of the form. This is in line with the thinking of Franz-Josef Paefgen the former boss of the company.

Wolfgang Durheimer, who was formerly with Porsche and the new boss at Bentley would be responsible to ensure that the project goes through as per plans. Durheimer has had previous experience of such slotting in products when he was with Porsche with the Cayenne being included in their two model range of 911 and Boxster.

Cayenne then had attracted more customers and had not much of fashion related sales effect than any other sports car and coupes. Official announcement of the SUV selected by Bentley is yet to happen. There is however speculation that the car to be would have loftier driving position as well as being more practical.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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