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Aston Martin DBX: a glimpse into the future

Aston Martin has given the world some cool cars. There was the DB5 and the DB4GT Zagato from the classic era and then the Vanquish and DBS from the modern times. Cygnet was one car that coud well be excluded for any of the lists. Now the company is coming out with the Virage which is faster than the DB9 but falls just short of the DBVS in speed.

The Astons that make the market are quite similar in looks and requires a sharp eye to detect the difference between each.

Norbert Adamowicz and Ɓukasz Kadula are two industrial design students who have taken on Aston Martin to make the DBX model that is quite different from the other Aston Martins and yet hold a resemblance of the traditions that the famed British marque personifies. Their product is a mid-engined two seater and they seem to target the young customers alone. As per the duo designers the One-77 model has been their inspiration.

Source: carscoop

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