From BMW’s Armored Vehicles Training facility in Germany

by Alex

You know what one of the most nerve cracking jobs in the world is – to be a driver of a security agency. They take on a lot of pressure throughout the day and at the end of it the night’s sleep seems a deserving one. There is always a constant hangover of danger over your head and that too not for the sake of yourself but protecting someone very important. They must know one thing very clear, how to overcome pressure and not let it happen the other way round. That is what they are masterful at and that is why they are selected.

Now let’s check the background from which they get this kind of mental stability even at the toughest of situations. And one company that tops the list of training these people has to be BMW. The auto maker from Germany have got all the necessities and requisites of being a great trainer. They also have a special test facility in East Germany which was initially a former Soviet base during the cold war era. This is where these men are trained learning all about security.

With the advancement of technology the training program is getting better and better and is getting modified over the years. Nowadays these men are trained with virtual dangerous situations simulated in the security training programs along with the driver training program. What does BMW gain? They can put these drivers on some of their best armored vehicles and check out whether their cars can withstand and offer the ultimate resistance. We do sure think this is one of the coolest places of the planet to be in. And the job minus the danger, well anyone would like to have it. Isn’t it?

Source: topspeed

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kevin February 17, 2011 - 4:44 am

This BMW is B4 armored can’t protect us from grenades or AK-47 attacks. B4 armor level is useful for rubbery or kidnapping. So please let me know if I’m wrong when I say: I want more from BMW armored cars!!!


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