Bugatti makes an appearance at the Qatar Motor Show for the first time

Bugatti is sending ripples across Qatar in their very first visit to the Qatar Motor Show and those who are thinking they have played their trump card to do so, well they are wrong. Though many rumors were doing the rounds the company did not display the latest model, Super Sport super car at the motor show. They showcased and revealed the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport at the show which is tipped as being the world’s fastest, most powerful, and most exclusive open top car. It was quite a promotion for the auto makers from France.

Almost similar to the Coupe version of the model the Grand Sport edition is also based on the standard 8 liter W16 engine that is capable of producing an impressive power output of 1,001 HP at engine rotation rates of 6,000 rpm. The car can speed off to a speed of 60 mph from rest in a time that was unthinkable maybe a few years ago, only 2.7 seconds. You blink and you miss most of it. The car with this engine can race up to a maximum of 252 mph but it is reduced to only 217 mph when the top is down.

Pierre-Henri Raphanel was the lucky one to get his hands on the steering wheel first. The man from France is the official pilot for Bugatti, a job that all auto lovers will envy. He stated that he was very excited when he was offered to drive the brand new Grand Sport car for the very first time. He said that when he shifted the car to the second gear he very well knew that the car was something special and magical from Bugatti this time around. The car was much better off to drive with roof on and with that the driving experience was more intense according to him. He said that he had full control over the car and could feel the speed in his fingertips and at the base of his spine. He further added that this time the Veyron was much more precise and with less of an under steer and that it seemed that the company had dropped a few filters away from the suspension and the steering.

A first visit to Qatar reaped great results and all is well for Bugatti. We hope they come up with something even better next year and pack an even stronger punch.

Source: topspeed

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