Bugatti Veyron Super could go hybrid, 2013 Frankfurt debut confirmed

In the latest news, Buggati has confirmed that the Veyron Super Sport successor will be launched next September at the Frankfurt Motor Show

In a recent interview, given by chief vehicle engineer Jens Schulenburg, mentioned that Bugatti will now focus much on lowering the vehicle’s curb weight by 250 kg (551 lbs), and for that they might even take, carbon fiber wheels, into consideration. It is said that the new Veyron will retain the impressive W16 quad-turbo engine but its capacity could grow from 8.0-liters to 9.6-liters, and with a help of an electric motor, the supercar would develop 1,600 HP (1,177 kW), which also would help the vehicle to reach 62 mph (100 km/h) in a shocking 1.8 seconds and achieve a top speed of almost 290 mph (446.7 km/h), with such figures we feel that 300 mark isn’t that far!

Stay tuned in, explore the pictures, and we will bring to you all the latest scoops.

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