Cape Town car guard refuses to take bribe, helps police arrest car thieves

by SpeedLux

Tshepo Molaoele guards automobiles at the entryway of The Company’s Garden in St John’s Street, Cape Town. On June 3, 2016, at about 20:00, he observed a Citi Golf driving around slowly. It appeared suspicious.

The automobile stopped and 4 guys went out. They approached a similar looking Citi Golf, however among the guy was holding a screwdriver. This is when Molaoele realized that they were going to steal the vehicle.

Feeling uneasy, he approached them and said: “No gentlemen. Exactly what are you doing there?”

The prospective burglars observed Molaoele and provided him R1000 ($75) for his silence. Tshepo currently lives at a city shelter, where he pays R850 ($64) month. A R1000 would cover his rent and leave him with additional pocket money. Yet Molaoele chose against it.

“No gentlemen,” he stated. “I’ve got a problem, due to the fact that there are a great deal of police.”

Thinking on his feet, Tshepo asked them to leave and return a little later when the authorities had left. The men at first refused, however ultimately they accepted his idea and drove off.

When they were out of sight, Tshepo ran off to The Big Box, a board video game cafe nearby, and informed them the scenario. They called the Central City Improvement District (CCID).

Very soon, members of the CCID had shown up, and, with the assistance of the cops, ran a sting operation.

Dressed up as car guards, they waited on the guys to return, and when they did, all 4 of them were promptly nabbed in the act of attempting to steal a car. Tshepo was then required to the police station to write a police report.

The 4 guys are currently waiting for trial prisoners.

Molaoele, 27, was born in Rustenberg located in North West province. He transferred to Cape Town to try to find better opportunities to make his life.

A deeply spiritual man, he left his house town in 2014, however things have actually not been easy. With a matric certification, and desperate to consume, caring for automobiles was the only job he could discover.

His revenues vary hugely, from R30 ($2.3) to R300 ($23) per day. He works a minimum of 12 hours a day, starting at 06:00.

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