Cayenne Cayster GT 670 by Hofele: Official Info and Specs

by Zack Colt

The Hofele Cayster GT 670 program for the 2010 Porsche Cayenne 958 is planned by Hofele to be released at the Essen Motor Show 2011, which starts at the end of this month. The German tuner has released the program’s details for the second generation Porsche Cayenne.

The power of the 3.0 TDI V6 Cayenne has been increased from 245hp to 315hp and the torque from 550 Nm to 650Nm, as well as for the Cayenne S Hybrid from 380hp to 481hp and the torque from 580Nm to 737Nm.

The twelve-piece body kit features an aerodynamic front end attachments with openings for the original fog lamps, wheel arch extensions (25mm wider per side), and rear apron diffuser. The four-tube stainless steel tailpipes which are available as interlaced double oval or double round version are another design element, which are bolted onto the serial Cayenne mufflers. According to Hofele, the interaction of these four-tube tailpipes with the wider diffuser rear apron makes the rear of the Cayenne look very powerful.

Most parts of the body kit can be used for all Cayenne models, including the Turbo version due to the fact that they are simply glued onto the car without any changes.

The SUV rides on variety of designer wheels in sizes between 20 and 22 inch and it features an electric lowering module to lower and loft the Cayenne with air suspension. While standing and up to a speed of 80km/h the car is lowered up to 40mm. On speeds over 80km/h the module is deactivated to retain the serial height to give the chassis its full comfort and reserves on high speeds.

And as far as the interiour goes, it is made of a bi-colour StarLight leather with nested stripes, inserted leather crest, quilted elements and offset decorative stitching. The door panels and arm rest can be covered with leather as well. Hofele offers a set of carbon panels for the middle console, dashboard, and doors.

Source: GTSpirit

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