October 29, 2020

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    The current generation Chevrolet Camaro model, the 5th generation model, almost achieves its 500,000 unit milestone. As such, the American automaker behind the making of the vehicle thinks it is appropriate to celebrate this achievement. The company has released a video and what is especially interesting about the video is that it previews the next generation Camaro model as well.

    According to Chevrolet’s estimate, it will be able to ship the 500,000th example of the current generation Camaro model later this month in the US. In the video released, the American company shows the Z/28 model in action. Then, when the video reaches the mark of 0:57, it can be seen that the company is trying to tease the public with the 6th generation Chevrolet Camaro model that is scheduled for debut within one month from now approximately.

    As you can see in the adjacent images and video, the teaser shows that the upcoming Camaro model will be very light in terms of its body weight. It will be much less heavy when compared to the 5th generation model. In addition to that, the car is also likely to pack a 4-cylinder engine that is backed by a turbocharger under the hood. If this is to be true, this means that this will be the very first time ever that an entry level model from Chevrolet is treated with a turbo engine.

    To find out for sure what the car will and will not feature, we only have to wait until April this year when the 2015 New York Auto Show event kicks off.


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