Cleveland police tracked down stolen car with 2-year-old inside, shows body cam

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A recently released body cam video shows how Cleveland police officers rescued a toddler after one man allegedly stole a car and took off with the child in the back seat.

The case drew attention last month when police stated a mother left her car running with her two-year-old daughter inside. The mom went into a gas station, and a man hijacked the car and the toddler.

Police body camera video shows that a officer pulls up to the mother and say, “C’mon hop in.”

That patrol car and others soon hit the streets tracking for the stolen car. Before long, officers can be heard telling, “Guys we got the car. He’s going southbound on 55th. He’s got no lights on,” and, “No lights on. Wrong side of the road.”

It was no longer a car chase as it turned into a foot chase after the man got out of the vehicle. As officers followed him, one officer also ran to the stolen vehicle and looked in the back seat. Then she said, “I got the baby!”

Video shows mom and daughter together as police chased down the suspect and tackled him.

Police arrested Dwayne Hall, an officer is heard saying, “You almost killed that kid.”

According to court records, Hall has a felony record dating over 20 years, consisting of about two dozen indictments. Now, charges for this case including abduction, grand theft and others.

The video also shows Hall telling police officers on the scene, “I got kids.”

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