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car break-ins in Cordova, Tennessee

Dozens of cars affected by break-ins and vandalism in Tennessee

Dozens of cars in Cordova, Tennessee, were targeted by thieves early Monday morning, and drivers came to their automobiles to see their windows smashed and items missing from them.

Drivers in the Country Hills subdivision say they are frustrated over what happened, and they reached out for help after the break-ins. The break-ins happened off Beaver Trail and Sorghum Mill Drive 

Security video reveals four accused hooded vandals or the light-colored car in the background.

There is now plastic covering windows on the vehicle after vehicle after vehicle. An auto glass repairman in the neighborhood said he has lots of work to do.

One woman, who didn’t want to be identified, said someone busted her glass out of her door, took her stuff, and threw it all over. She said police knocked on her door to inform her about know what happened.

While she said nothing seems to be missing from her ransacked vehicle, she’s heard of neighbors who said they had purses, wallets, and other belongings stolen, and some of the items had sentimental value. 

While officers investigate these cases in Cordova, they’re also investigating other vehicle break-ins that happened just after 11 Monday night at a Memphis fire station in Fox Meadows.

It is not clear these cases of vehicle break-ins are connected.

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