Jaguar F Type Project Predator – Maybe World’s Most Powerful Jaguar

by SpeedLux

What really makes VIP Design’s latest offering stand out a lot is that the car it’s developed is on a par in regards to aesthetics and performance with Jaguar’s own new flagship– the F Type SVR.

It’s called the VIP Design Project Predator, and begins life as a Jaguar F-Type R AWD once the British tuning company is finished with it, it’s turned into a 650bhp bespoke vehicular monster.

The number of tuning and customization companies dedicated to pumping more horse power out of conventional cars and of switching out steel panels for carbon fiber seems to be growing on a daily basis. What makes VIP Design’s latest offering stand out so much is that the automobile it’s created is on a par in terms of aesthetics and performance with Jaguar’s own brand-new flagship– the F Type SVR, revealed to no little excitement in Geneva in March.

The SVR is the very first series production Jaguar with the ability of striking 200mph. It establishes 575hp and needs a set back spoiler and a carbon fiber front splitter to keep it on the straight and narrow. Production will be restricted and costs will begin at ₤ 110,000 (around US$ 160,000).

Nevertheless, the Predator provides 105bhp more than a stock F-Type R AWD and 75hp more than even the SVR, all because of air flow filters, supercharger pulley, exhaust system, including an entirely new manifold, and a totally remapped engine along with new software calling the shots.

“Since the Jaguar F-Type was introduced, the streamlined lines and V8 engine were constantly going to provide themselves to power upgrades, and appeal to passionate drivers who are never going to settle for stock choices. Our new plan has actually produced the most amazing F-Type readily available on the planet and is certain to excitement severe petrol-heads anywhere,” stated VIP Design handling director Paul Busby.

The improvement is serious. In addition to three weeks of Dyno screening, the suspension has actually been stiffened and reinforced, the trip height visited 30mm and a new rear carbon fiber diffuser included so that all of that power can be marshalled when required.


Possibly best of all, the improvement will cost from ₤ 12,600 including a set of hand-cast alloy wheels. Great news for anybody who bought the F-Type R AWD believing it was the fastest Jaguar on the market, before the SVR broke cover. VIP Design will fit the system to any existing F-Type along with going back to square one. Indicating that for ₤ 8,000 less, it’s possible to get a Jaguar that’s a lot more powerful than the fastest Jaguar currently in the firm’s own range.

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