Eighteen year old Snapchat photos while crashing Mercedes at 107 mph, her victim sues Snapchat

by SpeedLux

Christal McGee lagged the wheel of her dad’s white Mercedes, 18-years-old and on her way to home from work on a Thursday night in September 2015, when she pulled out her phone and opened the app.

Actually, Snapchat has a filter that permits users to tape-record their speed of travel, and she wanted to see how fast she could go. So McGee sped up, then sped up some more, reaching 113 miles per hour on a rural road outside Atlanta where the speed limit is 55.

She didn’t see Maynard Wentworth, an Uber motorist simply starting his shift that night, till it was far too late. She struck him at 107 miles per hour.

Wentworth suffered a distressing brain injury and was hospitalized for months.

Now he and his partner are taking legal action against McGee– and Snapchat– for carelessness. The story of that night is detailed in a civil grievance filed in Spalding County court recently, which declares that Snapchat was equally responsible for the reason for the crash due to the fact that the firm did not removed the miles per hour filter from the app after it was pointed out in comparable mishaps prior to the September 2015 crash.

The complaint and a declaration from Wentworth’s lawyer, Michael L. Neff, discuss that night like this: McGee was driving several of her good friends house from work at a regional dining establishment in Hampton, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta. Among the pals was pregnant, as per declaration from Neff’s workplace. Over the pregnant passenger’s objections, McGee prompted the Mercedes quicker and much faster.

She said, as per the statement, that she was aiming to get the vehicle to 100 miles per hour so she could post it on Snapchat. McGee’s travelers saw the controversial filter hit 113 miles per hour. The teen was just about to post the Snapchat, the declaration says, when she crashed into Mitsubishi of Wentworth.

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