Fiat releases first 500e images ahead of LA spotlight

Right from the beginning of 2010 Detroit Motor Show, Fiat has been teasing the world with their BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) version of the 500 since the 500e Concept was showcased at the Detroit Show. And now they have promised that the electric Fiat 500 would launch in the U.S. by 2012.

The much talked and discussed, Fiat 500e has been revealed ahead of its debut this month at the Los Angeles Auto Show and the company says it will be on sale in 2013, although probably in tiny numbers and mainly the market where they will be offering would be in California. It is expected that the new Fiat 500e would cost around $45k. The 500e BEV doesn’t look a whole lot different to the regular 500 with just a contrast lower fascia and eco-aero kit, plus what looks like low rolling resistance tires marking it out. Inside is still Fiat 500 fun but with the gear stick replaced by buttons.

So stay tuned for more recent updates on the new Fiat 500e, on Speedlux.

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