No Girls and Kids at 2015 Shanghai Auto Show!

by SpeedLux

When it comes to an automotive exhibition event, especially one that covers a global scale, it is only normal to see parents bringing their kids to the event and, most importantly, show girls that often stand by the side of newly released cars. However, it seems things will not be the same at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show event. Like it or not, the organizers of the event have clearly stated that no kids and show girls will be allowed to attend the event this year.

As strange as it may sound, this may have something to do with the warning issued by the Chinese government sometime earlier this year. For your information, when 2015 had just begun, the government of China issued a warning about vulgarity having increased significantly in the country. This is very likely the very reason why organizers of the aforementioned Shanghai auto expo strongly advise automakers joining the event against bringing any show girls to the event. Show girls are often dressed in pretty sexy clothes, after all. So, instead of show girls, automakers should bring senior sales consultants instead. The automakers will also have to make sure that their sales consultants are dressed appropriately.

It is reported that the organizers of the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show event are pretty sure the event will receive way more visitors than ever, thanks to the increasing popularity of the country. So, banning children from the event is one of the security precautions that the organizers can take.

Now, if you are a grown-up or an adult and you are no show girl, no offense, you will be warmly welcome to the event that is set to begin on April 20, 2015. The event will last for 10 days in total, coming to a conclusion on April 29, 2015. Since the annual Shanghai Motor Show event will have to take part with another annual China-based auto expo, the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, the Shanghai-based event can only be held once within every couple of years. Still, it is very interesting to see what the event holds for the public’s eyes.

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