iPhone 7 being investigated after it set a car on fire in Melbourne

Apple is investigating a reported issue from an Australian man, who informed that his iPhone 7 ignited and destroyed his car, the company stated on Friday.

Mat Jones informed Channel 7 News that he had entered into water off a New South Wales beach and left his newly purchased iPhone 7, wrapped in a set of pants in his car on the beach.

He told that after he returned from the water he saw smoke rippling out from the car. “As I looked into my automobile you could not see inside the car, like all the windows were simply black.”

Footage taken from another phone revealed the front seats, control panel and stick melted and charred, and Jones said that he felt “basically just like a big heat wave just came out of the car”.

Eventually Jones was able to eliminate exactly what was left of his clothes. “Ash was coming from inside the trousers, which then, as soon as you wrapped open the trousers the phone was simply melting inside of it.”

On a video that was taken to record the damage, Jones mentions the phone: “There’s the phone, total burnout.”

Jones told that he had not dropped the phone or physically damaged it, as occurred to a Sydney man who fell off his bike and had burns from an iPhone. He likewise stated that he had not utilized a non-Apple charging gadget.

A spokeswoman for Apple stated they are investigating the complaint.

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