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Jaguar hybrid XJ Limo Green heading to Stuttgart with 1.2L range extending gasoline engine

Jaguar will be putting the spotlight on their XJ hybrid Limo Green which will go on display in Stuttgart by next week. The 2011 Limo Gren will have a hybrid powertrain similar to the Chevy Volt’s and developed in collaboration with Caparo, MIRA, and Lotus.

The XJ based hybrid limo will make use of 145 kW electric motor with a torque of 295 pound feet. The electric motor depends on a pack of lithium battery which gives it at least 30 kilometers and a max of 50 kilometers when it is fully charged.
Once the battery pack is depleted, the Lotus developed 1.2L 3-cylinder gasoline engine does all the work for the next 970 kilometers of 600 miles.

The Jaguar prototype has a combined fuel mileage of 47 mpg with a CO2 emission of 120g/km.
The Green Limo is a one-off concept but Jaguar is planning to use the technology for its future models.

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