Jaguar planning more limited-run powerful models

Director of Jaguar Design Studio Wayne Burgess recently provided additional details to Edmunds about the firm’s plans for future special models.

He explained that the “GT” moniker was destined for hand-built special edition models which will be targeted towards the collectors and the wealthy customers. These GT models will be to Jaguar what the Black Series is to Mercedes-Benz.

Talking about the “R” nameplate, he stated that it will be used for more powerful versions of the standard performance range, while “R-S” characterizes more extreme enthusiast-focused versions. Last but not the least, “R-S GT” models will be hand-built, limited-run cars designed for extrovert Jaguar clients.

There are chances that Jaguar’s next model expected to receive a GT version will be the recently introduced XFR-S and could be followed by the F-Type as according to Burgess, it provides a broad range of opportunities.

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