This Is What the Lada Vesta Looks Like

Just like Datsun, Lada is another automaker that is trying to make a comeback as well in the global automotive industry. Now, the company is reportedly prepping a new vehicle model it dubs the Vesta for the 2015 model year. The car has recently been spotted and this is the very first time it happens.

Speaking of the Lada Vesta, the Russian automaker actually previewed its concept version somewhere around August last year. This happened during the 2014 Moscow Motor Show event. Since the preview of the concept version of the vehicle, the Russian company has actually started production of the vehicle. The production takes place at the company’s plant that is located at Izhevsk, where the car was recently caught on camera. According to Lada, for the beginning, it will build only 49 examples of the Vesta. Yet, starting from September 25, 2015, there will be more Lada Vesta for customers to expect, up to around 100,000 units.

Judging by the final production version spotted in the image, the car remains true to its concept version, only with slight toning down. Interestingly enough, the car actually looks considerably more appealing than other models available in the portfolio of the AutoVAZ.

The Russian automaker remains coy on specifics so far. However, rumors suggest that the vehicle will pack a naturally aspirated 1.6L 4-cylinder engine. Power output is to range from 87, 106 and up to 114 bhp. Both manual and automatic gearboxes are a possibility at the moment.

The 2015 Lada Vesta will reportedly come in 18 different shades for its body and will have four different trims for customers to choose from. Yet, as for the price tag, it remains a mystery so far due to the fact that the Russian Ruble is not at a stable state right now.

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